Why can’t I go to a strip club?

I’m booking a bachelor party and we want to go out to some bars and end up at a strip club somewhere.

I get these calls all of the time. We are the only company in the state that will not do business with or to a strip club.

I don’t mean to impose my values upon anyone. I just ask that no one expects me to compromise my values for the sake of a dollar. I personally don’t see how going to a “gentleman’s club” honors the Holy union that you are about to enter into for the rest of your life. When I started Royal Limousine, I vowed that I would abstain from these type of reservations as a statement of my integrity and honor for all that God has done to bless me and my business. I know that in the beginning, it was a tough concession, but having those standards has helped us brand our name and reputation in the Triad business community. Avoiding this crowd helps to keep us free of inappropriate behavior, drugs, etc. that can ruin a limousine company if tolerated. If this is what you want to do with your reservation, do not worry, every other company in the area will gladly accept your reservation.