What business will we refuse?

Any reservation that sounds remotely like it would put our company or our chauffeurs and vehicles in a dangerous situation or compromising our values will be refused.

Anyone stating that they are simply looking for the cheapest rate will be refused service. That is a huge red flag for me and I won’t go down that road with anyone. Cheap people don’t tip my staff, damage our equipment, and hammer us with complaints if their ice isn’t cold enough and their bottled water isn’t wet enough. They cause us the most headaches. We would just prefer that you use another company. We keep our rates fair and honest, but will never be the lowest rate for service.

We’ve even had people ask if it would be ok to haveĀ drugs, underage drinking, underage smoking, etc. NO WAY!

We’re here to provide luxury transportation, but at the end of the day…you have to proud of what you do for a living and have a sense of pride in the company you own. build, work for, etc.