What is a Party Bus?

Over the last few decades, limousines have transitioned from just a means of transportation for the wealthy to a more affordable option for groups of all sizes and transportation. Originally just weddings and funerals, limousines were formerly designed with very little flare and attitude. Then along came the SUV limousines with their robust size and passenger capacities. Now in the last few years, there has been an increasing trend for vehicles with a larger height limitation as well as large capacity. A true limousine party bus will have custom made seating and all of the amenities of the standard limousines as well. Just like a limousine, legally compliant party buses must have “For Hire” license plates, which indicates that they have the state required liability insurance. If it does not have the words “For Hire” on the license plate, DO NOT RENT THAT VEHICLE. If you do so and are caught consuming alcohol in that vehicle, every passenger will be issued an open container violation ticket since “For Hire” vehicles are the only ones allowed to have open containers in their passenger area. Additionally, if there was to be an accident during your reservation, their insurance carrier would not be liable for any claims or injuries since it was operating illegally. Legal action can ultimately, in some cases, be brought against the person renting the limousine because of their lack of due diligence. This means you the customer could be responsible for any financial damages incurred by your guests. All of this can be avoided by choosing a reputable company like Royal Limousine of Greensboro.

You can identify a cheaper imitation party bus by the seating alone. They will typically be an old school bus or transit bus that has been modified by adding a bar area or cooler and a stereo. Most of the cheaper ones that I’ve seen have either left the original seating in place or simply rearranged it.