Minimum Hours

Is there a minimum number of hours?

We do typically have a 4 hour minimum on Saturday evenings. We will do wedding getaways, etc. that are shorter than 4 hours, but we do have to charge a bit extra to make it financially possible.

I just want a limo for one hour

Just to give some perspective…before your reservation, your chauffeur typically arrives to the office about 2 hours in advance to clean and prepare your vehicle. Then we have to drive to your location, perform your transportation service, and finally return home, refuel, and clean the vehicle, wash the glasses, remove trash, etc. About 3-4 hours of side work goes into every reservation, whether it’s 1 hour or 10. For this reason, it’s just not worth the time and expense to send out a car for that short of a time span. As far as staffing the chauffeurs for your reservation, you wouldn’t dress in a suit, come into work for one hour of pay and go home? Of course not. Please consider all of this when asking about your reservation.