Daily Deals

Royal Limousine’s intent in offering daily deals is an attempt to introduce ourselves, our fleet, and our services to the Triad area. This is also a chance for us to determine if we want to service certain clientele. We do reserve the right to deny service to anyone if we feel they may have questionable intentions (illegal activity, violent behavior, destruction of property, etc.) We hope that this will lead to future reservations and opportunities to serve you and your family. As veterans, we strive for excellence and take the utmost pride in our service!

Explanation of Terms

Gratuity: When you purchased your daily deal, you paid half price compared to our regular rates for service. Out of that half price, Royal Limousine receives roughly half of that amount. This results in a 25% revenue compared to a standard reservation. In order to offer this opportunity to you, our chauffeurs have agreed to drive on a gratuity only basis. Therefore, please remember that gratuity is to be based on the standard price and not on the discounted amount. On a standard reservation in the service industry in parties of 6 or more, a standard 20% gratuity is automatically added to the balance. To make this affordable for our initial reservation with you, we left the gratuity off of the daily deal, but do include it in the amount due for our chauffeurs.

Fuel Surcharge: The fuel surcharge gives the customer the flexibility to choose their pickup location. We don’t start the clock on your reservation until we get to you. Therefore, we have to account for the driver pay and fuel to get the limousine to you. The fuel surcharge is usually half the normal rate applied to the round trip. The fuel surcharge is not a “for profit” fee. Rather it is an adjustable variable for your benefit.

Overages: In your daily deal, a set amount of time is allotted for your party. If you require additional time, feel free to add on that time if we have the availability to accommodate based on other reservations. Please note that the first set of hours has been offered at cost (no profit to us). Therefore, we must charge full price for the time used beyond the allotted hours. We will allow 15 minutes exactly of leniency into the next hour, but will charge an additional hour if exceeding that cushion.

Cancellations: On a standard reservation, we take a 20% deposit to reserve your time slot. This is non-refundable because we have given up that vehicle at your request. On the daily deals, we have no deposit and therefore cannot reschedule your reservation. All vouchers are considered redeemed at the time you make your reservation.

Thank you again for purchasing the daily deal and we look forward to our opportunity to serve you.