Who is driving my kids and/or wedding?`

Have you seen some limousine drivers pulling up in jeans, gold chains, smoking, barely speaks English, still has their anklet on from house arrest? We see them all the time. It’s mainly a bunch of part-time limousine operators that should not be in such a luxury and prestigious service industry.

After serving nearly 13 years in the United States Marine Corps, I know what it means treat people with respect and precision. I select my chauffeurs based on a number of factors including their demeanor, how they look in a suit, charisma, professionalism, driving history, and a strong preference towards veterans. We do a background check and thoroughly train our chauffeurs on safety, etiquette, wedding logistics, funeral proceedings, etc. Although we cannot require a spiritual background, I can tell you that the chauffeurs that work with Royal Limousine do happen to be Christians as well.

I do pay my chauffeurs more than any other limousine company in the Triad and I do that because I want to bring on and keep a very tight loyal group. Esprit de Corps is vital to the strength, safety, and longevity of any corporation.