Can you split up the hours?

This is a lengthy answer, so rather than responding to emails that ask this question, our hope is that this will suffice. We do not intend to be rude by any means, but this is completely impossible. Given that we typically will have a 4-hour minimum unless it’s a special circumstance, we just can’t do this and still keep the doors open for the company. If we drop you off at your wedding at 6 and “come back and pick you up” (as people put it) at 10, that leaves us fewer than 4 hours to do anything else. There’s little to none chance that someone would want a limousine from 7-9…not in this market. You have essentially taken that vehicle away from us having the ability to make money with it for the evening. My driver will need to be on the clock the entire time. What’s he supposed to do? Get out of his suit, go home for an hour, not get paid, and come back. That would mean he committed his entire evening to your wedding and only get paid for two hours? No employer would do that and you wouldn’t do that at your current job. Now, if you have a need 6 hour apart or more, we can treat those as 2 separate reservations and you can pay for the hourly minimums likewise. Again, this post is truly intended to show you the reasoning behind the impossibility of this question, and not in any way meant to be rude. I can completely understand the logic going on in the mind of the consumer, but you must understand the logic from the business standpoint. We do appreciate your business, but we can’t take the loss. Either way, call us with your needs, and we can try to be creative and work with you depending on any circumstances that may benefit us both.