Capacity Restrictions

I have 12 people. Can I rent the 10 passenger limousine since it’s a few dollars cheaper?

Absolutely not! We will not allow more passengers than the vehicle is designed for. Recently a company in CA allegedly exceeded the passenger capacity and when a fire erupted, they were not able to evacuate the car efficiently and 5 people died. I will not put your family nor my livelihood at risk just so you can save a few dollars. To be honest, we recommend that you go under the max capacity for comfort reasons.

I just have kids riding. They are small so we should be able to fit more…right?

Wrong! These limitations are set by the manufacturer and recorded on our insurance policy. We cannot exceed those figures whether they are huge former NFL players or 5 year old kids. In fact, we recommend that you pick a vehicle larger than the number in your party for comfort. You can definitely have 10 people in a 10 passenger vehicle, but it does feel full. If you are on a tight budget, it’s your call, but understand that it isn’t ideal.