I’m just looking for the cheapest rate

With all of the choices out there in the Triad, you came across us. Either from a referral, your wedding coordinator, Google search, etc. You see the unique selection, from the Rolls Royce Phantom, Equus Ultimate Edition, 22 Passenger Hummer, British Double Decker Bus, and several other Lincolns, party buses, etc. What made you think that this would be the cheapest company? Cheap companies don’t purchase $400,000 vehicles. Cheap companies don’t provide quality service.

Although we do our best to stay competitive and reasonable, we’re simply not going to win over the consumer that’s only interested in the bottom line quote. Excellence and quality comes at a price. We would honestly rather have a vehicle sit in the parking lot at our office than to send it out for little to no profit. In our experience, those customers tend to cause the most problems. The “right” customers will understand where we are coming from and will actually appreciate our stance on that perspective.