Is it more expensive to take a limo out versus driving?

Some people think that it costs so much more to arrive in style and enjoy a limousine…not true. Here’s some simple numbers. I’m a finance major and this is just how I think.

Most people actually spend significantly less on drinks when they go out in a limousine. Instead of riding in a dry vehicle to go out with your friends and blowing your hard earned money when you get there. You can enjoy some refreshments on the way in the safety and comfort of a limousine while our chauffeur takes care of you VIP style. Between the different establishments that you visit, you’ll return to your limousine with a freshly iced down cooler of your favorite refreshments (you must supply these). On average, most people spend about half of their normal budget while out in a limousine. Factor that in and it nearly pays for the ride. Just food for thought.

Not to mention driving under the influence could kill you, someone else, land you with a life sentence in prison, DUI, end your career, and at the very least cost you thousands on attorneys, insurance, etc. You can’t put a price on that.