Double Decker

Make an unforgettable entrance for your wedding party or prom group with this 1973 British Leyland Atlantean Double Decker open air sightseeing bus. With a seating capacity of 72, this classic British novelty is sure to be an absolute blast for weddings, wine tours, birthday parties, etc. Combine this with our Royal Royce Phantom for a British themed wedding! It’s an antique and a timepiece. Wedding photos are amazing with this choice. It’s cool on cool nights and warm on the summer nights, due to the open top and design. During rain/inclement weather, at least 30 can find comfort downstairs.
***No glass bottles or cups allowed on the second deck. All passengers must sign a waiver due to the use of the upper deck and the liabilities associated with it. Any passengers under the age of 18 must have a parent/legal guardian sign this same release. An attendant will be present in addition to the chauffeur for safety and assistance throughout your reservation. Maximum speed is 45 MPH, so please allow extra drive time in your itinerary.

British Double Decker Authentic British Double Decker