Party Bus Limousine

Welcome the “The Lounge.” Designed after your favorite sophisticated cigar lounge, this vehicle is accented by hardwood floors, black custom made leather furniture by the designer here in High Point, NC. You’ll want to sit back relax and reminisce with an aged scotch. This vehicle is perfect for any occasion. It is not only the perfect vehicle for larger groups such as wedding transportation and wine tours…it’s an absolute blast when used as a party bus. There are some poor excuses for “party buses” in the Triad. I cannot even track how many times we’ve had to rush out there to fulfill a reservation where someone rented a bus thinking it was worthy of the title party bus and found it to be little more than an old bus with a stereo. Feel free to schedule an appointment to come and see the impeccable quality yourself. This is truly the only classy, well-made party bus in the Triad area.

Feel like a party? Flip a switch and the lights switch from an amber color setting to a color LED light show, fog machine, and 10,000 watt stereo.

Limousine bus designed for your larger group outings. This bus was designed and built by Royal Limousine. We spared no expense on this baby.  This thing rocks! Wrap around custom-made leather seating. Color changing LED lighting inside and outside the vehicle that can alternate colors for parties or be set to any constant color for corporate transportation.  Handmade oak glass rack. There is no vehicle in the Triad period that comes close to setup on this ride. Due to uniqueness and high demand for this vehicle, please try to reserve 6 months or more in advance. It may be available on shorter notice, but it’s best to book in advance.